Why Studio B? 

When many people search for a photographer, they instinctively start looking at big box photography studios.  I think this is because those studios are experts at marketing a high quantity of photographs at a low cost, creating an illusion of value.  While these studios do produce technically sound images, I find many of their photos lack that elusive 'x' factor.  It's as if they have photographed a generic subject, as opposed to an actual person.  The backgrounds are all similar, the lighting is generic and the poses looked canned and stiff.  It is difficult to find any personality, any 'humanness', in their end product. This is so unfortunate, and such a waste of photography's creative power.

I discovered photography nearly 15 years ago, and I instantly fell in love with its intimacy.  There is nothing quite like bringing the camera to my eye and watching the rest of the world simply disappear. Photo sessions become a series of brief, wonderful moments - measured in fractions of a second - when all that exists are myself and the person I am photographing.  That's when the magic happens, and my goal is to facilitate that magic each and every time I pick up my camera.  

I am not a big box photographer.  I am a real person, just like you. What I offer is authenticity - a chance to work one-on-one in a friendly, relaxed environment, free from the confines of a crowded studio and the worry about who is next 'in line'.  Sessions with me are focused solely on you.  Together we have fun, we connect, we get 'real'.  Take a peek at my galleries and you'll see just what I mean.  You will find real people expressing their own individual style.  Some are outgoing and gregarious, others are gentle and unassuming.  Some are edgy and urban, others are natural and earthy.  Each and every person is wonderfully unique.  And each and every photograph I take is a testament to their individuality.

Please contact me to learn more about my approach and my services.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing the extraordinary world of custom photography with you. 

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