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Best Friends Sessions

It's time to think beyond the selfie!!  Sure those phone photos are quick and easy, and who doesn't just love SnapChat??  But you have to admit after a while, all those pics start to look the same... arms outstretched, cheeks nuzzled together, everything a bit grainy and blurry.  Just scroll through your Instagram feed and you'll see what I mean.  Wouldn't it be great to have some photos of you and your friends that really stand out... ones that might even make your followers a little green with envy? 

Whether you're celebrating your birthday, mitzvah, prom, graduation, championship season, or any other special occasion these sessions are  a great way to capture you and your friends at your best.   Simply contact me to arrange a date that works, grab some of your closest friends and let's have some fun!  

Best Friends Session


* On-location photo session.

* Online preview gallery of edited images

* Complimentary basic photo touch ups.

*One complimentary 8x10 digital image of group, suitable for print

* One watermarked social media digital image of each participant, suitable for online sharing

* Additional digital images, prints & collections priced separately. 

* Minimum 4 people / Minimum age 10 years

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