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I am an interesting mix of introvert and extrovert,

right-brain and left-brain, creative genius and geeky nerd.  

I am fiercely independent & and love to think outside the box.  

Photography & Graphic Design allow me to be all those things,

unapologetically and without restriction.

Morning Person or Night Owl?  

Haha, definitely not a morning person.  

Favorite Article of Clothing?  

My blue jeans.  All ten pairs...

Favorite Accessory?  

My glasses.  I own ten pairs of those as well... sooo sassy!

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee.  Black.  Espresso if you have it.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Chocolate - the darker the better.  I like my chocolate to have some seriouattitude.  

Super Hero skill I'd most like to have?

The ability to go back in time.

I would love to relive so many moments in my life.

To relish in the good ones, to fix the bad ones,

and to hug all of the people who have since passed away.

Surprisingly, I have no desire to go into the future.

I want to keep that script unwritten.

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